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Capture the economic promise of a new life st//age.


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Driven by social purpose and financial promise we help shape better products and services for people living longer.


We can show you the space and the color of people we call "Foursters".

We translate demographic and economic shifts into impact opportunities for business and government through advisory services, proprietary tools and design thinking techniques, as well as ecosystem and investment mapping.

Foursters /fôr-sters/ noun. A person who intentionally seeks to live a longer, healthier, active and connected life, ideally in a society celebrates their stage, not discriminates by age. They are socially, economically, and technologically engaged and driven by experience and purpose. They actively seek products and services that support their goals.


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Help you frame

We deliver private briefings and speak at major events that set the stage for a understanding the power and potential of an underserved economic force.

Help you see

Our advisory services take us into the trenches with you to assess your efforts and refine your thinking to avoid pitfalls and missteps in this massive market.

Help you think

Our unique brand of design thinking uses proprietary tools to help you understand, explore and innovate for wants and needs of people living longer.


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September 27, 2018

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People with credentials, passion and commitment to change the way the world thinks about life stages made real through global demographic shifts. We’re serious about our work without taking ourselves too seriously. True of Foursters and true of us - its all in the purpose and our ability to make an impact on the lives of real human beings by helping the companies and governments that serve them find the products and services that matter.


Lilian Myers

Lilian is EconomyFour’s chief firestarter. Her job is to inspire innovation with clients and partners, leading operations and engagements across the firm’s service offerings. She’s got decades of startup experience as a founder and c-suite executive focused on health, wellbeing, and consumer commerce with companies acquired by Siemens, Aetna, and Google among others. Over the years, she’s led corporate development, marketing, product management and internationalization and raised hundreds of millions in venture and strategic capital. Her vantage point is a source for deep insight and understanding of business imperatives for breakthrough thinking, then capturing and winning new markets. But it’s recent years, as global leader for aging and longevity at IBM, that reignited her ‘change the world’ spirit co-authoring thought leadership pieces and practical guides such as The Periodic Table for Technology-Supported Ageing. Lilian’s delivered briefings and led workshops on life stage and longevity for more than 40 governments and companies around the world across an array of industries, is published in trade publications and industry journals, and a regular speaker at conferences and events.

Bradley Schurman

Bradley is EconomyFour’s chief connector. He’s the guy who inspires and nurtures trust and confidence among global brands and governments in what we do and how we do it by pinpointing the gaps in their reach to the Fourster market. It comes from his 15 years at AARP – the world’s largest organization for people over 50 - where he led global partnerships and strategic engagements. He’s an expert in the field with a passion for social innovation by leveraging private sector power.
He’s proven it by working to secure aging and the longevity economy as central themes at both the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and World Economic Forum (WEF) and led major initiatives and research, including AARP Best Employers International and the Aging Readiness and Competitiveness Report. Brad’s been quoted in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and USA Today, and well as local and national media across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He speaks regularly at global forums and advised national governments and major businesses on longevity strategies.

The rest of the team

Founders are a start, but it takes a team of experts and partners to build a great company and do great work. EconomyFour’s team adds depth and dimension through skills in the areas of market research, data architecture and analytics, business model analysis, writing, design thinking, and marketing. They also bring specialized industry domain expertise including consumer packaged goods, travel and transportation, health services, senior living, utilities, telecommunications, insurance, wealth management, and media. These people and partners help EconomyFour light the way for clients to rapidly harness the economic and social promise of Foursters. The team makes it possible for EconomyFour to expand as needed as to address the specific needs of each government or private sector client when they need workforce reinvention, wellbeing products and services, or with organizational, business unit, or industry innovation. The EconomyFour team also focuses unique attention on helping institutional, corporate and venture investors identify activity and target investment potential among companies already capturing Fourster consumers around the globe as a means to raise the tide for all ships.

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